I am very glad, that you found the way to this page. Surely it is no coincidence, that we met in this kind of way.

Specified we can learn a lot from each other…

But at first I want to present you my spiritual work.

I offer you 3 spiritual ways or lifestyles:

1.Kundalini Yoga after Yogi Bhajan

2.Sat Nam Rasayan

3.Reiki School

Therefore have much fun by reading, and I hope, that you will find the right thing for you from me.

At this time i offer a Kundalini Yoga classes in Cologne-Nippes and Cologne-Mülheim, new students are very welcome. Please, contact me for that here!

It is planned a morning Sadhana, too. I will be very glad to see you!

Kundalini Yoga is one of the most effective yoga techniques of our time.

In contrast to the Hatha-Yoga exercises are often dynamic movements, but also the Hatha Yoga asanas related.

It is a dynamic and powerful tool for awareness of yourself and your environment to expand and stabilize them. Nevertheless, Kundalini Yoga exercises are quite easy to practice.

Kundalini Yoga enhances well-being and balance, strengthens nerves, glands and immune system, cleans and activates the healing powers of the body.

The practice of this form of yoga does not depend on any particular religion, but is influenced by the teachings of Sikhism.

In my yoga classes, I would like to show you the way to yourself, and through special exercise series and meditations you allow your personal experience, so you are healthy, happy, free, independent, compassionate, are confident and successful in your life.

In yoga class you have the option of working hard on you, to integrate new energy and inspiration into your daily life.

„Between human and God there is an opening door and

the key to that door is called Kundalini.“

Yogi Bhajan

Recognize you through learning to take care of your body and to love him – than your mind will find peace and can listen to the chanting of your soul.


                                                                    That is Yoga.

Identify your destiny, because you serve your soul and through it the others


                                                                    That is Yoga.

Identify your potencial, that is sleeping in you. When the Kundalini rises, then you begin to understand

                                                                    That is Yoga.

Identify your own divineness and the power, which is in it to make the impossible possible

                                                                    That is Yoga.


     The Upcomming Aquarian Age

The New Earth is at building process – we can swim with the stream, that means, anchored in love or clinging ourselves to our learnt securities and getting aggressiv or mad, because this is not in harmony with all, what is.

This “letting fallen”, “giving free of yourself” from these old patterns is our personal resurrection. And it is really only about to become a universal human being. The heart is for this the central key. Then WE are one HEART. All of the universe is one heart. The relationship to our heart and our conscience first transform us to that, what we are calling as manhold and basically human.

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                                      The Aquarian Age

„If you are you, you are a saint. If you something else, you are nothing“. YB

“Shuniya means zero. The moment you become zero, then all powers will prevail through you” – Yogi Bhajan


I want to offer you the universal life force energy, called Reiki, and bringing near to you many other effective energy- and healing systems and wish you a heartly welcome in my School of Reiki.

You can order a Reiki treatment by me (just in this city or for distance), or you can get an attunement in a lot Reiki and other energy healing systems by me. More informations about my Reiki school you will find here: click!


I heartly welcome you in the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan practice.

It is an honor for me to present you one of the most effective techniques of Yogic Healing System - SAT NAM RASAYAN.

Im Sat Nam Rasayan Healer und can give you a Healing Session.

What is Sat Nam Rasayan?

Sat Nam Rasayan means “Deep relaxation in the true identity”. It is an ancient meditation technique and healing art in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga. When you enter a state of Sat Nam Rasayan you becoming nothing and simply operate from the state of shuniya. The mind of the Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner becomes transcendent and in the vastness of this consciousness, healing can occur.

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I invite you to Kundalini Yoga in Cologne.